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Pauper Soldiers Pauper Soldiers 76,50 zł 90,00 zł

Czarne kości K10 Czarne kości K10 22,50 zł 30,00 zł

Masked Men Masked Men 76,50 zł 90,00 zł

Masked Men

Test of Honour - skirmish w feudalnej Japonii
Masked Men
Masked Men
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Warlord Games

Masked Men.


  • 18 unique cards – including Ancient Curse and Pure Weapon
  • 1 metal character model – Warrior Monk Masahiro
  • 10 plastic figures
  • 10 metal ‘masked’ heads
  • 3 mulltibases

The stealing face-plates idea has no historical grounding, but we thought it was a cool idea that might well have happened. Perhaps more importantly it demonstrates what a different look you can create by changing the heads.

Warrior Monks meanwhile are an established part of the history of the period and had many conflicts with the ruling samurai clans. Like the other new metal character models Masahiro has his own character card (costing an extra point or two to recruit), or you can simply use one of the standard samurai cards (yes, even though monks weren’t samurai!).

The set includes a variety of Mystical skills that emphasise the power of prayer and belief. A few of you have asked if we’ll be including magic and monsters and other Japanese fantasy elements. The quick answer is ‘no’… The game is inspired by samurai movies but definitely still historical at the core!

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